Shareholder benefits

Whilst on the reserve the shareholder can enjoy at any time of day or night game drives or bush walks with LL’s friendly and knowledgeable guides, and can make use of any of the viewing hides (currently six in operation) or picnic spots along the riverbank (equipped with braais). The shareholder may choose to undertake one of the shareholder courses in first aid or 4×4 driving and qualify to self-drive on the reserve, taking charge of one of the specially adapted, open Toyota Land Cruisers and guiding friends and family to some incredible wildlife encounters in the bush.

There are also a number of additional special activities available during a stay including wild dog and rhino tracking on foot and cultural tours of the local villages (run in conjunction with LL’s social responsibility project). Furthermore there are occasional opportunities to get involved with other activities and projects related to the operation of the reserve during a stay. This could include game captures and releases, waterhole development, bush clearance, game counts and more.

A LL share is more than a lifestyle investment

A share in Limpopo-Lipadi is also a tradable investment that should appreciate in value as low-impact, low-density developments in pristine wilderness areas do become increasingly hard to find in southern Africa. Needless to say that Botswana is a lot safer than its neighbour South Africa (land claims, limitation to foreigners’ investments in land and farms, etc.) when it comes to such type of upmarket lifestyle investment. Obviously, share appreciation will also come from future expansions that will average the land value to a higher level. Final elimination of the residual debt planned for this year will also certainly improve the company’s balance sheet and boost share value.


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