Daley’s Koppie

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“Daley’s Koppie” ( 22°34’22.11″S,  28°32’6.80″E ) is a UNIQUE remote private site in the south-west part of  the Limpopo-Lipadi Game Reserve, that entitles its owner to build a luxury lodge in the African bush and enjoy a safari on his or her own terms.  The first word that comes to mind is “freedom in the African bush”.

Its uniqueness resides in the fact that it is located far from any other private site of the reserve and also “off the beaten track” thus ensuring no surrounding traffic.  By investing in Daley’s Koppie, you become a co-owner of one of the most BEAUTIFUL private game reserves in the Tuli block in Botswana, enjoying peace and quiet in full immersion with nature.  The picture below is taken from the southern side where a private waterhole can be placed.  Considering the south-west part of the reserve is quite dry with no natural access to water nearby, this would become a great attraction for game.

Daley's Koppie
Daley’s Koppie in the late hours of the day

LL hippoSituated a few kilometres east of the Lipadi’s office (safer in case of emergency), less than 20 mins (slow game drive) away from the reserve’s western gate and 10-15 mins from the LL airstrip.  It is also only 1km north from the majestic Limpopo River, it provides access to the riverine terrain and ecosystem.

The site being isolated, it is easy to to turn it into an eco-friendly lodge with solar power thus making it also more autonomous when power comes down for any reason anywhere else in the area.  As a note, the reserve agreed to subsidise up to BWP 100,000 (~$10,000) towards the drilling of its own borehole.  There is no lack of good quality underground water in the vicinity.

The area is in direct line of sight of South Africa and Lipadi Hill from where it can get a good Internet radio signal either directly or through the reserve’s existing service, hence access to high speed internet is not a problem whatsoever, making the lodge a place where one can stay and even work for long periods of time.  Considering it is possible to get the LL staff to service the lodge, shop for food, buy essentials from the store at the office, get game meat from local farmers, one can certainly live a very safe, comfortable life in the bush without enduring daily chores one could expect in such remote area.

Daley’s Koppie is like having one’s own private game reserve, at a fraction of the price, without the hassle of managing it, and basically having a “home away from home” with all the amenities of a luxury savannah environment, only a few hours away from busting Gauteng in South Africa.

Young lions who took up residence at LL early 2015
Young lions who took up residence at LL early 2015